The Quality Of Paint Buckets Is Highly Valued

- Aug 26, 2019-

Paint barrels All countries in the world, especially developed countries, not only put strict hygiene requirements on the quality of food itself, but also rigorously inspect and quarantine the imported food and agricultural products. In addition to complying with international standards, paint barrel countries often have restrictions and technical barriers to food packaging barrels, which are constantly being adjusted and changed. The import and export food and quality and technical supervision departments also regularly supervise their food-coated packaging barrels. Inspection and inspection report is issued; the customer who uses the coated product in the product should ask the manufacturer of the packaging barrel for the production license issued by the superior quality inspection department and the effective food safety and hygiene inspection report. The technical inspection and sanitary quarantine requirements of the agricultural products themselves and their packaging barrels are very high; coupled with the continuous emergence of health problems in food and agricultural products, many laws and regulations introduced by developed countries can be maximized. Due to cultural differences in various developed countries, the technical indicators and color requirements for packaging barrels are different.

And from the principle of safeguarding the national interests of the country, it imposes stricter requirements and regulations on the packaging of imported goods with regulations and legal documents. Ensure that the cleaning and residual harmful substances of food packaging drums do not exceed the hygiene standards; and that there are high standards for their packaging drums, promulgating laws and regulations to effectively regulate, and implementing strict strict access systems for agricultural products and their packaging barrels. . In developed countries, the requirements for the selection of food and agricultural packaging drum materials are getting higher and higher. It is not simply to achieve impact resistance, non-toxicity, and protection from light. Food packaging barrel manufacturers should regularly request food coating suppliers for production from local quality inspection departments. License and valid food safety and hygiene inspection report. Small export foods and agricultural product packaging barrels are of great importance, which affects export efficiency. Statistics from the Ministry of Commerce tell us that the annual export of fruits and vegetables is as high as 70 billion US dollars due to poor packaging. Economists have proposed the famous "barrel theory". It seems that we must reverse the "packaging barrel" to become the "short board" of export food and agricultural products.