Quality Requirements For Plastic Containers

- Oct 25, 2018-

For plastic containers used for transport packaging of export goods, according to the sn/t0271-93 "Inspection Regulations for the transport of packaging plastic containers for export commodities", and in accordance with gb/t13508-92 "polyethylene blow plastic barrels" implementation.

(1) Appearance: Barrel symmetry part of the wall thickness ratio of not more than 2:1, no sand, no plastic bad, the outer wall, mouth smooth and smooth, the diameter of not more than 2mm bubble not more than 2, black point impurity length is not more than 4mm, barrel parts coincident close, good interchangeability. 

(2) Performance test: Open plastic container should be carried out vertical impact drop test, heap code test, seal test. Closed plastic containers shall be carried out by vertical impact drop test, stacking test, air tightness test, hydraulic test.A suspension test is also required for plastic containers with mounted handles and integral handles. ① Vertical Impact drop test: Specimens are carried out in -18℃ conditions. Drop height: If used as a substitute for the product density of not more than 1.2 is 0.8m; the drop height of the product density greater than 1.2 is 0.67mx density.Drop site See sn/t0271, "Export goods transport packaging plastic containers inspection regulations."② Heap Code test: Test temperature 40 ℃, heap code time 7 days.