Overview Of Plastic Containers

- Oct 25, 2018-

The plastic container is a hollow blow molding container, which is processed by the hollow forming method. Open plastic barrels, cans and closed plastic barrels, cans, open plastic barrels, cans are mainly used for solid chemical products, food, medicine, etc. closed plastic barrels, cans are mainly used for liquid substances. It has the characteristics of light weight, hard to break, corrosion-resistant and recyclable, its maximum capacity is 450L, and the maximum weight of loading goods is 400kg. The production process of plastic containers in the design and production process must pay attention to the following issues: blowing expansion, extension, vertical load strength, container rigidity, bearing surface, mouth cap thread, shape and external surface and molding, temperature, pressure, etc. to ensure the plastic container mechanical properties, formability, mold structure and processing rationality and container use conditions. The process is: mixed material → screw extrusion → mold → blow molding → mold → cooling → trimming → inspection. Quality requirements for export goods transport packaging of plastic containers, according to sn/t0271-93 "Export goods transport packaging Plastic Containers Inspection Regulations" Provisions of the inspection, and reference gb/t13508-92 "polyethylene blow plastic barrels" implementation. (1) Appearance: Barrel symmetry part of the wall thickness ratio of not more than 2:1, no sand, no plastic bad, the outer wall, mouth smooth and smooth, the diameter of not more than 2mm bubble not more than 2, black point impurity length is not more than 4mm, barrel part coincident close.