New Development Of Chinese Barrel Technology

- Aug 14, 2019-

First, the international generalization of steel drum products

With the further deepening of China's opening up to the outside world, the national standard steel drums have been restricted in export packaging. In recent years, many steel drum companies in China have begun to stop the international generalization of products. Among them, the ISO international standard steel drum, container special steel drum and tapered open steel drum are carried out faster. The steel drum blocker has been fully internationalized.

Second, the environmental protection of steel drum raw and auxiliary materials

The raw and auxiliary materials used for the manufacture of steel drums have begun to move in the direction of environmental maintenance, especially the large-scale application of thin steel sheets and the application and discussion of environmentally friendly coatings.

The most prominent development in the coating of steel drum coatings is the development of waterborne coatings and powder coatings. Since the environmental pollution caused by VOCs produced by organic solvent-based coatings has been widely concerned, in recent years, water-based coatings and powder coatings have been used in China to stop the coating of steel drums. This is also the main development of steel drum coatings in the future. direction.

Third, a variety of advanced processes have been applied in steel drum consumption

In order to improve the quality and consumption efficiency of steel drums, a variety of advanced processes have been applied in steel drum consumption in recent years. Among them are zinc-plated barrel zinc-increasing process, steel barrel external surface treatment process, multi-color steel barrel coating process, screen printing process, thermal transfer printing process, tantalum leak detection technology and so on.

When galvanized steel sheets were used to consume steel drums, the zinc layer at the weld was destroyed. In order to stop the zinc layer recoating at the weld, Shanghai has developed a weld automatic zinc-increasing machine, which has improved the quality and consumption efficiency of the weld-filled zinc.

In order to obtain better coating quality, most of the barrel-making enterprises have established a steel barrel external disposal consumption line, and adopt advanced surface treatment technology and disposal liquid, which greatly improves the coating quality and consumption efficiency.

Fourth, the latest development of steel barrel manufacturing equipment

In recent years, with the development of China's steel barrel market and the intensification of competition, users have not only made higher demands on the quality of steel drums, but also made higher demands on the consumption efficiency of steel drums. It has made the professionalization of China's barrel making equipment further progress, and completed a number of competitions from time to time to innovate.

At present, a number of enterprises have completed the transformation of the fully automatic consumer line for the unwinding of steel coils. Some advanced enterprises have completed the automatic consumption of unwinding → leveling → blanking forming → scrap cutting → barrel punching → coil pressing → waste stacking, which greatly improved the consumption efficiency and reduced the labor cost.

V. Advances in theory and theory make barrel technology progress from time to time

After years of development in the Chinese barrel industry, the barrel making technology has made great progress, which is inseparable from the long-term unremitting efforts of the technicians in the barrel industry.