New Development Of Chinese Barrel Technology

- May 18, 2019-

——Xin Qiaojuan’s speech at the 7th Pan-Asian Steel Barrel Conference

Since the 6th AOSD Conference, China's steel drum manufacturing industry has undergone rapid changes. These changes are not only reflected in the continuous expansion of the market and the enhancement of the production capacity of enterprises. More importantly, in order to adapt to the changes in the market, the barrel technology has also developed rapidly, from products, processes, materials, equipment and theoretical research, occupation. Training and other aspects have begun to make unprecedented progress. Today, we will briefly introduce the latest developments in the technology of China's steel drum manufacturing industry.

First, the international extension of steel drum products

In order to meet the needs of more and more international trade, the variety of steel drums is also becoming more and more abundant. In recent years, in many steel drum companies in China, the internationally accepted ISO standard steel drum has become its mainstream product. Secondly, there are container-specific steel drums, tapered open steel drums, and Japanese standard steel drums. The steel drum sealer has also been fully internationalized.

Second, the original and auxiliary materials of steel drums and the environmental development of the production process

In recent years, China has proposed a national policy for energy conservation and emission reduction and a low-carbon economic development direction, which has accelerated the pace of environmentally friendly development of the steel barrel industry. It is mainly manifested in the extensive use of thin steel sheets, the application of environmentally friendly materials and the environmental protection of production processes.

In recent years, China's steel drum products have taken a step forward in the direction of thinning. At present, various enterprises have used a large number of steel plates of 0.6-1.0mm to produce 200-liter steel drums, which have been widely used in the fields of tapered open steel drums. The production of thin steel sheets of 0.6 to 0.8 mm saves resources and reduces the cost of steel drums.

The most prominent development in the coating of steel drum coatings is the development of waterborne coatings and powder coatings. Since the environmental pollution caused by VOCs produced by organic solvent-based coatings has been widely recognized, in recent years, water-based coatings and powder coatings have been used in China for the coating of steel drums.

In recent years, China's pre-coated steel coils have developed rapidly. In the near future, pre-coated coils will be widely used in the steel drum manufacturing industry, becoming the main raw material for steel drum production, and the steel drum coating process is produced from steel drums. Removed in the process, truly achieve environmentally friendly and efficient production.

Third, a variety of advanced processes have been applied in the production of steel drums

In order to improve the product quality and production efficiency of steel drums, a variety of advanced processes have been applied in steel drum production in recent years. Among them are high-precision sheet unwinding and blanking process, barrel bottom cover continuous stamping production process, steel drum surface treatment process, multi-color steel barrel coating process, screen printing process, thermal transfer printing process, tantalum leak detection technology, etc. .

Since 2009, the China Packaging Federation Steel Barrel Professional Committee has started to organize industry experts to carry out technical training for national barrel-making enterprises. Up to now, it has been training three phases. Technical training has made the overall level of China's steel drum manufacturing technology a big step. .

We have reason to believe that as China's barrel industry gradually moves to the world, China's barrel technology will catch up with and surpass the world's most advanced level in the near future.