4 Gallon Custom Printed Bucket With Curly Edege Lid

4 Gallon Custom Printed Bucket With Curly Edege Lid

Strong wire bail handle with grip allows for ease of handling and pouring,Special technology along with a compound curl allows for a high UN rating.
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4 Gallon Custom Printed Bucket With Curly Edege Lid

Process color designs allow for photographic images to be printed with crystal clear detail.The images are created from process colors-cyan,magenta,yellow and black.This type of lithography will feature your product's full potential such as life-like water droplets,wood grain and fabric texture.


Understanding UN Ratings

Developed as a set of standards, by the United Nations, UN ratings are essential for shipping or storing hazardous materials. The UN Rating is a series of number and letter codes that show what a container is regulated to handle. They determine this through a series of tests that all containers must undergo if they are to be UN Rated. Current UN Regulations are enforced by the D.O.T. It is up to the filler of the product to determine what UN Rating they need.

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