Why use iron drums for gasoline drums?

- Jul 27, 2020-

Because the iron bucket can conduct electricity.

Gasoline is a highly insulating substance, and is flammable and explosive. During transportation, the gasoline barrels are constantly shaking, which causes the gasoline to collide and rub against the inner wall of the barrels, which will generate a lot of static electricity. Iron is a good conductor of electricity. Therefore, the iron barrels can make the electric charges generated in the barrels follow the car body Into the underground.

Plastic buckets made of polyethylene, although light and strong, easy to carry, and resistant to acids and alkalis, are non-conductive objects. The charges generated in the bucket cannot be transferred to the ground, so the charge in the plastic bucket will gradually accumulate After reaching a certain voltage, an electric spark will be generated.

Plastic is composed of organic matter, and gasoline is a mixture of organic matter. According to the principle of similar miscibility, gasoline can dissolve plastic, so it is not possible to use plastic barrels to hold gasoline.

The ignition point of gasoline is below -21 ℃, and the concentration of gasoline vapor in the space is between 1% and 6%, it is in a dangerous state of explosion. At this time, the electric spark generated by static electricity is enough to cause the flashover and combustion of gasoline vapor. The gasoline in the barrel exploded. Therefore, from a safety perspective, it is strictly forbidden to use plastic drums to transport gasoline.https://www.fhpails.com/