Why does the chemical barrel deform

- Dec 26, 2019-

Chemical barrels are mostly used for dangerous goods packaging. They have good characteristics, they are not fragile, rusty, lightweight, etc., and they are excellent in oil resistance and strong corrosion resistance. They are mostly used for dangers that require insulation, moisture resistance, pressure resistance, and corrosion Product packaging is the ideal choice for long-distance transportation of chemical product packaging materials. So why is the chemical barrel deformed? Let's analyze it for everyone.

The sealing function is not good, so it deforms, but it is not. After the chemical barrel is refilled with liquid goods, after the barrel cap is tightly screwed, it is airtight. Therefore, when the internal liquid is cooled, the pressure in the barrel becomes small, and the external pressure is large, forming a pressure difference between the surface and the inside of the barrel. Deformed plastic bucket.

The more sealed and airtight the chemical barrel is, the simpler it is to deform. In fact, this is a conceptual fault. The chemical drum blocking inspection regulations clearly stipulate that airtightness must be sealed. If the liquid contained therein is dangerous goods, then the plastic drums required for Class I dangerous goods must be able to withstand a pressure of 30Kpa / cm2, while Class II and III dangerous goods The plastic buckets required must also be able to withstand a pressure of 20Kpa / cm2.

The machinery used in the manufacture of chemical barrels in China is relatively backward, and there are fewer wall thickness control points, which results in an uneven barrel body. Therefore, the standards for chemical barrels are relatively loose. Within scale. In this way, plastic barrels with uneven wall thicknesses are often qualified when they are dissected.

In actual use, plastic barrels are deformed because the thickness of the barrel walls varies greatly. This has led to the attention of plastic machinery manufacturing companies, and has now begun to improve in this area. Most chemical barrel manufacturers have also actively improved their mold equipment.https://www.fhpails.com/