Why can't chemical plastic barrels be exposed to the sun

- Jun 29, 2020-

The chemical repercussions of the plastic large white barrels exposed to sunlight are caused by a variety of factors. It is the core factor of ultraviolet light and photochemical reaction, which can directly cause the cracking of the molecular chain. Among all the light, the light with less light wavelength and greater energy can accelerate the aging of chemical barrels, because vulcanized rubber and plastic materials produce mineral acid groups when digesting and absorbing light energy, and then cause and accelerate some unlucky ones. Chain repercussions.

When the plastic big white barrel is exposed to light, there is usually a temperature modification, which can be used as heat, and the temperature increase will accelerate the dispersion of oxygen, and then increase the air oxidation rate, and cause thermal bonding and cracking, and the gas Oxygen and even ozone touch, overheated glue may even accelerate the aging of molecular chains, and there are some other factors like water, high-energy radiation sources, belonging media and so on.