Why are chemical plastic barrels not fragile?

- Apr 04, 2020-

It is a high-molecular organic compound, which can exist in various forms such as liquid solid colloidal solution, etc. It can be formed in a wide variety. Because of the different monomer composition, it causes different plastics and has a wide range of products. Different processing methods can be used with different properties. Plastics in chemical plastic barrels can be divided into thermosetting and thermoplastic types. The former cannot be reshaped and used, and the latter can be produced repeatedly.

There are basically two types of plastic polymer structures: the first is a linear structure, and the polymer compound with this structure is called a linear polymer compound; the second is a body structure, with a polymer compound with this structure Called the body type polymer compound. Some polymers have branched chains, called branched chain polymers, which belong to a linear structure. Although some polymers have cross-links between molecules, they are less cross-linked. They are called network structures and belong to the body structure.