Which ways do plastic barrels need to be considered for transportation to be safer?

- Jun 15, 2020-

The volume of plastic barrels is a relatively large container. Many people save space, especially when plastic barrel manufacturers use stacking methods for storage or transportation. Generally speaking, the overall design of a plastic bucket with good quality is relatively reasonable. The inner edge of the lid of the plastic bucket will have a whole circle of lifting configuration, which can make the load move to the lifting configuration when stacking, and the stacking is more stable. Generally speaking, stacking 4-5 plastic barrels is not a problem. Perhaps, some customers asked us to report that they had purchased a large number of plastic drums in Guangdong to pack liquid fertilizers. After the goods were canned, they stacked the three plastic drum manufacturers together during transportation because of bumpy transportation It caused some plastic bucket manufacturers to tip over and produce leaks, causing great damage.

This situation is largely due to the quality of the plastic barrel, which is caused by poor sealing and resistance. Here we will give some inspiration to our companies using plastic barrels. Many times, companies using plastic barrels do not have the ability to judge when purchasing plastic barrels. They cannot distinguish the materials made from plastic barrels. Sometimes, it is inevitable to buy quality. In general, even the plastic barrels with weaker quality, if the damage caused by side leakage is unpredictable, the damage caused in many cases will be much higher than the cost of the plastic barrel itself. This requires companies using plastic barrels to purchase You should keep your eyes open when choosing plastic barrels, and choose regular plastic barrel manufacturers to purchase, which will provide better protection.

Perhaps, if the enterprises using plastic drums do not have the ability to judge and have no grasp on the quality of the plastic drums, there are some ways to make the stacking more stable and safer for transportation? That's for sure. The editor here strongly recommends a way for everyone, to a certain extent, to fill the poor quality of the plastic bucket and prevent major losses.

The specific steps are as follows: during transportation, the same method of stacking is used for storage. When stacking 2 or 3 plastic barrels, a layer of plastic board is placed under the barrel (the plastic board can be reused multiple times), and then can Continue stacking up. Paving a layer of plastic board, I believe it is easier for everyone to understand, this is to make the support of the plastic bucket pressed below be more dispersed and more uniform, and then more stable during transportation, which can effectively prevent tipping.