Whether there are precautions for custom square cans and sealing performance of tinplate square cans

- Jun 24, 2019-

1. Square cans for product customization, is there any precautions?

In addition to standard products, square cans can be customized according to different user requirements or special use requirements to meet the different needs of different users. And, there are some considerations, one of the important aspects is to re-determine the price of the product, because it is a non-standard custom product, and the price of the standard product is not the same.

2. Are square cans of different types and sizes? How to choose the right one?

Square cans, from a professional point of view, are available in different types and sizes, which can enrich the product range and allow buyers to have different options. How to choose the right product is determined by the product environment and the use requirements and the specific use of the product. Therefore, at this point, everyone must have a correct understanding to ensure that the right product is selected.

3. How can the square tank be improved in structure to improve its performance?

Square cans, which are intended to be structurally improved and to improve their performance, are capable of taking the following measures: the improvement of the tank lid of the other tank, the use of a tank lid capable of sealing the tank mouth, There are also handles and handle holders, and the handle holder is mounted on the top surface of the tank. Through these measures, the square can have a good sealing effect, and the use is simple and convenient, and the cost is low.

4. Is the sealing performance of the tinplate square in the square tank important?

In the square can, it is a specific type of tinplate square can. In terms of material, it is made of tinplate, so this kind of square can is called tinplate square can. The sealing performance of this kind of square can is said to be an important aspect, because if the sealing performance is not good, there will be problems such as leakage of the medium, thus affecting the normal use of the tinplate square can.www.fhpails.com