Whether the two stamping cans are metal cans and food metal cans

- Mar 21, 2019-

Whether the two stamping cans are metal cans and food metal cans


Metal cans are cans made of metal, such as iron cans and aluminum cans, and this is a relatively common and commonly used metal can. Therefore, based on this, it is necessary to have a comprehensive understanding and in-depth understanding of the metal cans. How to use it correctly and reasonably, instead of using the product incorrectly.


1. Metal cans for product selection, do all relevant considerations need to be considered?

If metal cans are purchased, it is necessary to take into account all relevant factors, and as long as it is related to product purchase, it is an important consideration, and these important considerations are equally important, and there is no distinction between them. No comparability. Moreover, they are all important considerations, and they must be comprehensive and specific before they can have accurate judgments and correct choices.


2. Is the two-piece stamping cans metal cans?

From a professional point of view, there are two stamping cans in the metal can, but the two stamping cans are not all metal cans, most of which are metal cans. Moreover, the two-piece stamping can has some characteristics, which are:


(1) The can body and the bottom of the can are a whole, without any seams, so there is no problem such as poor sealing performance.

A coating can be applied to the surface of the tank to avoid the problem of metal contamination and improve the sanitary quality of the contents.

(2) Since there is no seam in the can body, the problem of leakage of the contents can be avoided, and the can body and the can lid are sealed and reliable, and the airtightness is high to ensure the safety of the contents. The can body can be printed with text or graphics to enhance the aesthetic appearance of the product.

(3) In the process, it can be stamped one or more times, and mechanized and automated operations can be realized for high-efficiency production.


3. Can the cupping and deep-drawing cupping in the metal cans be the same in the process steps?

Punching cups and deep-drawing cupping, they can all be metal cans, all of which can be made of the same metal material, but the specific process steps are different because:

Punching and cupping: coil blanking - stamping pre-stretching into blanks - multiple stretching and thinning - punching forming - trimming - cleaning lubricants - drying - coating white enamel - surface printing - coating the inner wall - drying - shrinking Neck flanking - leaking

Deep-drawing cupping: blanking - top cup - re-cup - flanging - punching forming - trimming - surface modification - leaking

Therefore, based on the above, it can be known that the process steps of the cupping process are more complicated, and the process steps of deep drawing and cupping are simpler.


4. Which material is generally used for snack food metal cans? How to print on metal cans?

A snack food metal can, which is generally made of aluminum, which is made of aluminum. If you want to print on a metal can, you can print on a very thin plastic and then attach the plastic to the metal can. This can be done.www.fhpails.com