Where should the chemical plastic barrels go

- Jul 17, 2019-

According to relevant sources, since July 2017, all chemical projects in Shandong have received the approval authority of the municipal level, and the local authorities have no longer approved or filed a new construction or expansion with a fixed asset investment of less than 300 million yuan. Hazardous chemicals project.

In fact, Shandong's industrial policy of restricting the use of investment to limit the construction of new chemical projects has already come out in early 2017. This time, the provincial Standing Committee meeting is officially officially determined.

Not long ago, the National Safe Production Video Conference and the Shandong Provincial Safety Production Video Conference were held in Jinan. Gong Zheng, deputy secretary of the Shandong Provincial Party Committee and Governor, pointed out that Shandong will formulate a sound park standard and comparison standard, re-confirm the existing chemical parks in the province, and promote the relocation of chemical production enterprises. In principle, chemical enterprises in key sensitive areas will The relocation will be completed by the end of June 2020, and new chemical projects will be banned outside the chemical park.

At the same time, we will implement a three-rated, one-evaluation system for all enterprises involved in the production, storage, transportation, operation and use of hazardous chemicals, clarify the after-treatment solutions, strictly control the commissioning of equipment and management of dangerous chemicals transport vehicles, and Comprehensive inspection of storage areas and special equipment in the area.

In the process of rectifying chemical enterprises, Shandong will strictly control the increment of chemical enterprises, and increase the access threshold for chemical project approval or filing authority, investment quota, safety production license, and wastewater discharge. It is strictly forbidden to eliminate new and restricted chemicals. project.

Gong Zheng said that Shandong will implement a reversal mechanism for chemical enterprises in strengthening safety, environmental protection, energy conservation and quality, and shut down and eliminate a number of enterprises with poor ratings, poor evaluation or major hidden dangers. Enterprises with good development prospects will resolutely ban illegal and illegal enterprises and projects. The future of chemical plastic barrels in the future, where to go, we are really confused.