Where is the sign on the barrel

- Nov 29, 2019-

1. All steel drum signs are printed in one place (on the side of the steel drum close to the weld) and the relevant signs can be found without turning the steel drum.

2. The drum sign is automatically stamped on the barrel just before the barrel is welded, so there is no need to compare the pre-molded lid to the barrel. Steel drums are “dedicated” until they are welded, so there is very little chance of error.

3. The logo can be easily and quickly replaced by the welder operator, rather than requiring a complete set of molds to change the stamping process in the press shop.

4. The logo stamp is a "off-the-shelf" part, so any future added logo can be added at a low cost.

5. The inner surface of the barrel remains flat after stamping. Therefore, the rupture or collapse point of the liner which occurs as molded on the lid is not produced.

6. Due to the use of molded barrel lids, molded parts have been significantly reduced, and now the stock of barrel lids has been reduced, and the method of sluggish, backward molded cap stocks in the past will be eliminated.

7. Flexible. The logo plate can be changed in about 20 seconds, so it is not necessary to arrange a production plan for the press shop in advance in order to obtain accurate molding processing on the lid.https://www.fhpails.com/