Where is the recycling function of the empty oil drum

- Aug 31, 2019-

The empty oil drum can be used for liquid, solid, generally cylindrical, with a bottom, the bottom is closed with iron, and the upper mouth has an iron handle for easy carrying. According to the product line: ordinary empty oil drum, galvanized barrel, pvf inner coating barrel, epoxy inner coating barrel; according to the opening method: open barrel, closed barrel, middle mouth barrel open barrel is divided into: screw hoop, Duckbill hoop

The reuse of empty oil drums can make the oil drums cut into trash cans, although not very beautiful, but practical, one can use at least two years. The empty oil drum belongs to a non-polluting and non-powered loading and unloading product. The product has the characteristics of compact structure, flexible transportation, simple operation and small radius of gyration.

In the future, the development of oil drum trucks is all-electric drum trucks with electric flip, electric lift and electric walking. At present, there are automatic drum trucks in China, but there is no electric flip function. I believe that there will be automatic oil in the near future. Bucket car.