Where is the function of reusing empty oil drums?

- May 03, 2020-

Empty oil barrels appeared earlier in the Xia Dynasty of ancient China. The upper bottom only has a small opening, and the lower bottom is closed. It is generally used for petroleum transportation, etc. It appeared in modern times and can be recycled and reused because it is obtained after compound processing of plastics.

Empty oil drums can be used to hold liquids, solids, generally in the shape of a cylinder, with a bottom, the bottom mouth is closed with an iron sheet, and an iron handle on the upper mouth is convenient for carrying. According to the product line, it is divided into: ordinary empty oil barrels, galvanized barrels, pvf inner coating barrels, epoxy inner coating barrels; according to the opening method, it is divided into: open barrels, closed barrels, middle mouth barrels, open barrels are further divided into: screw hoops, Duckbill hoop

Reuse of empty oil drums can make the oil drums cut into garbage bins, although not very beautiful, but practical, one bucket can be used for two years. The empty oil drum is a kind of non-pollution, non-powered loading and unloading product. The product has the characteristics of compact structure, flexible transportation, simple operation and small turning radius.

In the future, the development method of oil drum trucks is all-electric oil drum trucks with electric turning, electric lifting and electric walking. At present, there are already fully automatic oil drum trucks in China, but they do not have the electric turning function. I believe that there will be fully automatic oil in the near future. Barrel truck.