When making chemical plastic barrels, it is necessary to ensure that the thickness of the barrel wall is uniform

- Sep 19, 2020-

Chemical plastic barrels are mainly used in the chemical industry. Since most chemicals are corrosive, the production requirements for chemical plastic barrels are relatively strict. However, in practical applications, it is found that although the product performance is guaranteed, due to the limited equipment and technology, the wall thickness of the plastic barrels produced will be uneven. At present, the chemical plastic barrels produced by some equipment in the market have no or relatively few wall thickness control points, which easily causes the overall unevenness of the plastic barrels. Therefore, under this premise, the production standards are relatively loose. Therefore, plastic barrels with uneven wall thickness are often judged as qualified products and subsequently flow into the market. However, in actual application of this kind of chemical plastic barrel, the thickness of the barrel wall varies greatly, which causes the plastic barrel to deform and affect its normal use. With the improvement of technology and attention to the problem, the improved equipment is equipped with a thickness control device, with up to 128 control points, and effective wall thickness control, so that the thickness of the barrel wall can be produced as required and the thickness is greatly enhanced.