When is the iron in the barrel suitable for feeding bees

- Nov 30, 2019-

In general, we mainly feed two kinds of bees, one is auxiliary feeding, the other is reward feeding, especially now, now belongs to autumn, many bee friends in our place are thinking about feeding bees to winter honey, if We use iron in barrels to feed bees to winter honey, which should be taken seriously. This is very easy to cause heavy metal poisoning in bees, especially in rusty old iron drums. This is definitely not used as a bee. Overwintering feed, if the bee is poisoned by heavy metals, light diarrhea occurs, and the whole scene is completely destroyed. Many friends have not noticed this problem, but many bee friends have been fooled, but many bee friends are not clear because of heavy metal poisoning. Therefore, if the honey in the iron drum is a rusty iron drum, it should not be used as a winter feed. Even if we are used for feeding, we need to be cautious and need to be treated before feeding.https://www.fhpails.com/