What types of chemical barrel labels can be divided into

- Jun 27, 2020-

One: plastic; plastic barrels, boxes, bottles or cylinders manufactured by blow molding or injection molding processes. The self-adhesive stickers affixed to the chemical barrels of plastic materials are generally made of self-adhesive materials, which can have a waterproof effect. It is not recommended to use copperplate paper. Note that if it is a plastic bottle of a caliber, the regulation will be higher. Because the object to be attached is slanted and the area to be attached is small, there is a difference from the label of the self-adhesive material used in a large plastic bucket. .

Two: metal materials; for example, crude oil and industrial paint. This stainless steel chemical barrel has a label of PP self-adhesive material and a label of PET self-adhesive material. If there are oil stains on the surface of the chemical barrel, a strong adhesive type oil stain resistant label must be used.

Three: Many people think that I should say that the barrel is made of glass. In fact, it is not. Chemical products will use small glass bottles, but basically do not use large glass bottles and glass cylinders, because they are easily broken. In fact, it is a chemical barrel with colored GHS compliance management label. It may be plastic or stainless steel. The basic reason for my separate GHS is that this product is used by risky products. Treating hazardous products cannot be the same as general chemical raw materials. The color GHS pass label has its own specifications, and the size and color tone of the specifications and models are fixed. Any manufacturer cannot change it casually. In addition to the prescribed waterproof, it must also be protected from embrittlement by wind and sun, and protected from strong acids and alkalis. The infiltration of seawater environment can be displayed normally for a long time.