what to pay attention to when refurbishing

- Feb 24, 2020-

Iron buckets can be used to hold liquids, solid, generally cylindrical, with a bottom. The bottom mouth is closed with an iron sheet, and the upper mouth has an iron handle for easy portability. It appeared earlier in the ancient Xia Dynasty in ancient China. Another type of iron barrel has a small opening at the bottom and a closed bottom. It is generally used for oil transportation.

At present, the annual production volume of 200L iron drums in the market is about 80 million, which shows that the market potential for refurbishing old iron drums is great. Moreover, the world ’s energy is becoming increasingly serious, and more emphasis is placed on the repeated use of resources and the cherishment of the environment. If more than half of the old iron barrels can be reused through technical treatment every year, it will be very beneficial to the conservation of natural resources and the environment.

At present, there is not much technical research in the old iron barrel refurbishment industry. In the future, the research and development and technology update of the old iron barrel refurbishment equipment will be valued. At present, there are many but specialized companies that specialize in the renovation of old iron drums. Most of them are large in scale and their technical level is also very limited. The standardization of iron drums is also significantly different in size from the standard. In terms of chemical production, it is difficult to build a website. In addition, low-level production obedience is low, workers have high labor intensity, and the steel barrel products after refurbishment are not competitive.

In some specific regions, the refurbishment market of old iron barrels seems particularly active, but because of the influence of equipment and technology, a large number of small enterprises are still difficult to form scale and industrialization. Therefore, more attention should be paid to the production and use according to the market.https://www.fhpails.com/