What to do if odor occurs in plastic bucket

- Dec 22, 2019-

Plastic barrels from plastic barrel manufacturers in chemical industry are good helpers in our lives, and they have many benefits when they are used. However, the plastic bucket will have an unpleasant smell due to our use, which will affect our use, and even we will throw him away. In order to let him continue to use it, we need to stop the relevant methods and then remove its odor. Plastic buckets are specific for you.

1. Scrub the used tea directly, use a large amount of tea, put it in a plastic bucket, pour it into the hot water, cover it, pour it out after a few hours, and then brush it with water.

2. Put two slices of fresh lemons into the cup, and then cover the lid of the Shandong plastic bucket, it should be ok for a few hours.

3. Dip a few milliliters of salt in water and rub it on the outside of the Shandong plastic bucket, which works well.https://www.fhpails.com/