What must be paid attention to when using plastic drums

- Sep 09, 2019-

The material of the plastic barrel is selected from high-density polyethylene and high-density polypropylene. It has the advantages of resistance to falling, oil, light weight and good stability. It is used in the industry to transport dangerous goods such as acetic acid, aniline and cresol. Life is often used in packaged foods, beverages, medical products, etc., which provides great convenience for our lives.

Although the plastic bucket is widely used and convenient, it should also pay attention to its safety in use. There are some things that cannot be contained. E.g:

Gasoline, on the one hand, rubs in plastic drums and gasoline, which can cause static electricity. If it accumulates to a certain extent, it may cause an explosion. On the one hand, gasoline is a mixture of organic matter. He can dissolve plastic and cause gasoline to leak. Therefore, gasoline cannot be used. The plastic bucket is filled.

Diesel fuel, which is filled with diesel in plastic drums, will increase its acidity value. The use of diesel oil with increased acidity will accelerate the erosion of the diesel engine. On the other hand, the gum content will also increase greatly. After a long time, the gum is easy to form carbon deposits, film and sludge in the diesel engine, which seriously affects the normal operation of the engine.

Edible oil, cooking oil into plastic buckets will produce plasticizer pearl cotton dibutyl phthalate EPE, after eating can cause dizziness, loss of appetite and other symptoms, severe anemia.

Therefore, we should take care not to hold these things when using plastic buckets, which guarantees our health and safety.