What matters need to be paid attention to when storing plastic tonnage?

- May 27, 2020-

1. Plastic tonnage barrels should be stored under a canopy to avoid exposure. The storage temperature should be controlled below 40 degrees Celsius and below minus 18 degrees Celsius.

2. The plastic ton barrels stacked on the pallet are packed and fixed with a wrapping film, and the barrel should be prevented from being squeezed and deformed between each other, the amount of deformation is less than or equal to 5%, and the number of stacked layers of the pallet after packaging should be no more than 2 layers When stacking, the upper and lower layers should be aligned, so that the weight of the upper layer is evenly applied to the lower layer; the ground of the stacking place should be flat and in a horizontal position.

3. The plastic drums after packing the goods need to be stacked with double-sided flat trays, the size of the trays cannot be greater than 1.3 meters; each tray is stacked more than one layer, the edge of the bucket cannot exceed the edge of the tray, the number of stacked buckets is determined by the tray Depending on the size, the barrels on the pallet should be stacked symmetrically so that the center of gravity of the entire pallet and the barrel on it is located in the center of the pallet.