What kind of plastic barrels are qualified

- May 25, 2020-

1. Evaluation of the qualification level of plastic barrel manufacturers The first is to evaluate the qualification level of plastic barrels, including the years of establishment of suppliers. In general, the earlier the establishment date of the business license, the more experienced it will be, the more reliable it will be. Of course, the corresponding ISO9001 quality system certificate and related product quality certificates are also proof that the manufacturer has the ability to make good products. In addition, whether the supplier has any relevant successful engineering cases, the supplier's after-sales service, such as the service life of the plastic packaging barrel, warranty period, maintenance training, etc., are all important considerations.

2. Examining the skill level of plastic barrel manufacturers, of course, has relatively high requirements on the skill level of plastic barrel manufacturers. For example, plastic barrels must have the function of withstanding external forces. It can adapt to multiple modes of transportation and storage in warehouses to protect the contents from damage. It must also have the function of protecting the contents. It can be protected from moisture, water, dust, and corrosion. Of course, some humanized design is also necessary. For example, the design of the mouth of the chemical plastic barrel should be considered to be easy to open, and can be opened and closed many times. I believe that if you consider the barrel manufacturers from the above two aspects, you will make a more appropriate choice.