What is the sealing performance of plastic drum packaging?

- Dec 25, 2019-

There are many types of product packaging on the market today, such as carton packaging, plastic barrel packaging, glass bottle packaging, and so on. These packages are a way of containers, materials and auxiliary materials often used in the process of circulation of goods. It has the functions of maintaining goods, convenient storage and transportation, and promoting sales. Among the packaging methods, plastic barrel packaging has been more and more commonly used in the development of so many years. This type of packaging method is very popular in some solid and liquid industrial production markets for food boxes. It is packed with common glass bottles. In terms of lightness, shatter resistance and low cost, compared with glass bottles, it is inferior in sealing properties. Today I will tell you how plastic barrel packaging can improve its sealing performance?


In this case, some food products and some solid products that are too low in sealing properties have begun to use plastic drums for packaging. However, with the continuous improvement of relevant packaging container manufacturers, the market competition is becoming more and more fierce, and the market is gradually becoming saturated. If plastic barrel packaging is to gain a large amount of market, it must be used in airtightness to make more The big improvement, because today's plastic buckets will tend to liquid packaging. If there is a problem with the sealing properties, then this type of packaging container cannot be based on the liquid and gas packaging market. If the sealing can be improved, Sexual characteristics, can expand the market development space of plastic barrels.


Therefore, for the market of plastic products, in order to have a larger market space and better application reflection for everyone in the future, our manufacturers will increase the product research and development cost and energy invested in this market, which has already been obtained at this stage. The greater improvement can not only have a large number of specifications and models of plastic barrels, plastic bottles, packaging containers, excellent quality, but also special idealization in sealing characteristics, which has been favored by companies in various industries.


In summary, you can see that the sealing performance of plastic buckets has achieved a particularly great improvement at this stage, and has been favored by many customers in various aspects.



Plastic barrels have their own advantages, especially plastic tonnage barrels, also called plastic IBC barrels, are convenient to transport and stack up, and they are increasingly used in the market. In order to get rid of the static problem of plastic buckets, there are now anti-static buckets. To put it plainly, the material found by Xiaobian at this stage is that the outer surface is coated with an antistatic coating. For plastic barrels with electrostatic coating, they can be used to hold flammable materials.https://www.fhpails.com/