What is the reason for the chemical plastic barrel lid not to be burglarproof

- Oct 08, 2019-

Recently, Xinyue Plastics Customer Service Department and Sales Department have heard many new customer problems. While consulting the price of plastic barrels, some chemical manufacturers have made the chemical plastic barrel lids not to prevent theft, and the anti-theft ring does not fall off. And other related issues, then Xin Yue Plastics Technology Department Manager Li made a reasonable explanation to the market customers on this issue, I hope to help everyone understand, buy carefully! The plastic barrel lid anti-theft ring does not fall off and the precision of the grinding tool is closely related. The precision parameters of the grinding tool can not be reached, which will directly cause the product size to be uncoordinated, directly affecting the coincidence degree between the lid and the screw opening of the barrel mouth. The second reason that the anti-theft ring does not fall off may be directly related to the height of the barrel mouth. The height of the barrel mouth is too high, so that the lid is not screwed to the bottom, which directly affects that the anti-theft ring is not stuck in the anti-theft tooth. Thirdly, it is possible that the size of the anti-theft ring is too large and does not match the anti-theft tooth.https://www.fhpails.com/