What is the method to ensure the transmittance of plastic square boxes?

- May 06, 2020-

The transparent plastic square box will inevitably have stricter requirements on the surface quality of plastic products due to the higher light transmittance. It must not have any markings, pores, or whitening. Due to defects such as haze, black spots, discoloration, and poor gloss, during the entire injection process of Su Liang's box, we must pay great attention to and strict requirements on the design of raw materials, equipment, molds, and even products. Secondly, most of the transparent plastics have high melting point and poor fluidity. Therefore, in order to ensure the surface quality of the product, the process parameters such as high temperature, injection pressure, and injection speed must be finely adjusted so that the mold can be filled when the plastic is injected. It will not cause internal stress and cause product deformation and cracking.

The transparent plastic square box must first have high transparency, followed by a certain strength and abrasion resistance, impact resistance, heat resistance parts, chemical resistance, water absorption rate, and only then can it be used in The requirements of transparency are unchanged for a long time.