What is the dimensional accuracy of plastic parts in plastic drums

- Jul 21, 2019-

The size of the plastic part in the plastic barrel manufacturer refers here to the overall size of the plastic part, not the structural size such as wall thickness and aperture. The size of the plastic part depends mainly on the fluidity of the plastic. Under certain equipment and process conditions, the plastic with good fluidity can form a large-sized plastic part, and vice versa, the plastic part with smaller size can be formed. In injection molding, poorly flowable plastics such as glass fiber reinforced plastics and thin-walled plastic parts cannot be oversized. Large and thin plastic parts have solidified when the plastic is not filled with the cavity, or are barely filled but the flow forwards are not well integrated to form a cold joint, which affects the appearance and structural strength of the plastic part. The size of the injection molded plastic part is also limited by the injection volume, clamping force and template size of the injection machine.

The dimensional accuracy of the plastic parts manufacturer refers to the degree of conformance of the obtained plastic parts to the dimensions in the product drawing, and the accuracy of the obtained plastic parts. There are many factors affecting the dimensional accuracy of plastic parts, firstly the manufacturing precision of the mold and the degree of wear of the mold, followed by the fluctuation of the shrinkage rate of the plastic and the change of the processing conditions during the molding, the aging change of the plastic barrel after the molding of the plastic part and the mold Structure shape, etc. Therefore, the dimensional accuracy of the plastic parts is often not high, and the low-precision grade should be selected as much as possible under the premise of ensuring the use of the plastic parts.