What factors are related to the characteristics of chemical plastic barrels

- Aug 29, 2020-

Users who have applied chemical plastic barrels may know that the product has all the polyethylene one-time molding without seams, impact resistance, aging resistance, light weight, no leakage, acid and alkali resistance, long life, and hygiene standards. Benefits, use performance is much better than traditional glass fiber reinforced plastic containers, plastic welded containers, steel lined rubber and other containers.

We know that chemical plastic barrels play a very important role in our days, but because of the different materials used in the production of chemical plastic barrels, the usefulness of chemical plastic barrels with different properties is also very different. The commonly used materials for the production of chemical plastic barrels are polyethylene, polyvinyl chloride, and polypropylene. Since the plastics and additives used in the production of these three chemical plastic barrels are different, they must not be used for food at will. In addition, the quality of the chemical plastic barrels we use has a certain relationship with the raw materials used in the initial production.