What equipment is needed to produce plastic drums

- Jul 18, 2019-

1. Extruder and machine head; basically the same as ordinary extrusion-blowing equipment.

2. The parison is disposed and installed; the tubular parison extruded by the extruder is subjected to the installation to stop cutting, bottom fusion and neck processing to form a test tube-shaped bottomed parison.

3. The parison is heated and installed; the parison is heated and installed with an oven, a heating sleeve, a heating channel, etc., and the heating method can be heated by electric heating or infrared. However, the heating installation should be able to adjust the temperature and balance the heating to minimize the temperature difference between the inside and the outside of the parison.

4. Tensile installation; there are two kinds of tensile mandrel and stretching fixture. The drawn mandrel-stretched mandrel is inserted from the upper part of the parison, and is pressed against the bottom of the parison under the action of hydraulic pressure to stop the longitudinal stretching, and then the air holes in the mandrel are inflated by the contracting air to stop the radial stretching. Most stretch forming uses this stretch mounting. Stretching jig—The stretching jig is clamped from the outside to both ends of the tubular parison, and the longitudinal stretching is stopped under the action of hydraulic pressure, and then inflated to stop the radial stretching. There are flash trims on the neck and bottom, and the fly edges can be recycled for recycling.

5. Squeeze-pull-blowing special molding machine.