What effect will the temperature have on the quality of the plastic bucket?

- Jun 13, 2020-

It is necessary to ensure that after the filling of dangerous goods, the packaging bags with sealed and sturdy plastic barrels must be protruding or sturdy, and there must not be any leakage or leakage. When a plastic bucket is loaded with dangerous goods, the appearance of the plastic bucket should not be eroded or damaged, and the appearance is prominent. The awning should be stored to avoid exposure to sunlight, the use temperature is 60 ℃, the storage temperature is less than 40 ℃, and the validity period is 1 year from the date of production. If the filled products are prone to generate volatile gas, especially in February, April and August, where the temperature difference is large, you should choose between low temperature in a day to avoid the appearance of concave images.

The plastic buckets look good when wetting each other, are very light, have good compressive strength, impact resistance, are non-toxic and tasteless, and are easy to transport. "The service life is also long, and the validity period is 1.5 years. The technical parameters of the goods strictly abide by the specifications. Perhaps the industrial design and product specifications can also be tailored according to the requirements. It can be used for hot filling, and the general temperature does not need to exceed 60 ℃. Plastic bucket manufacturing The manufacturer's characteristics are storage and canning, which greatly saves indoor space and materials. It is cold-resistant, corrosion-resistant, reduces environmental pollution, ultra-clean, in addition to corrosion resistance, acid and alkali resistance, high temperature resistance, sterility, and also meets medical inspection High-quality elasticity requirements.

When storing chemical plastic barrels, sunshades and chemical plastic barrels are needed to avoid exposure. The use temperature is 60℃, the storage temperature is lower than 40℃, and the validity period is 1 year. From the time of production, chemical plastic barrels are cheap, pay attention to storing dangerous goods, etc. Items, do not corrode or damage the appearance of chemical plastic barrels, the appearance is clean and prominent.

If chemical plastic drums contain dangerous goods, their net weight or capacity shall not exceed the limits of the old rules for the transportation of dangerous goods. After the complete supply of dangerous goods, we also require that the heat seals of the packages with sealed and strong chemical plastic barrels must be protruding or strong, and do not leak or leak.

temperature. General chemical plastic barrel products are made of polyethylene. At higher temperatures, about 50 degrees will gradually be converted into hydrogen chloride gas. This vapor is harmful to the human body, so plastic barrel products made of polyethylene It cannot be used to load raw materials and domestic water. In addition, no matter what kind of raw materials are used in plastic barrel products, they can not be used at too high or too low temperature to prevent problems such as display deformation.

Net weight issue. Chemical plastic barrel products have a certain net load-bearing capacity, and if placed too heavy, they will appear brittle and deformed. Recycling issues. Chemical plastic barrel products can be recycled, saving a certain cost. However, it must be noted that recycled plastic drum products are only used for manufacturing purposes and are not allowed for food packaging.