What are the tips for choosing the packaging bucket?

- Dec 12, 2019-

Packaging barrels have a wide range of applications in our daily life. Basically, packaging barrels can be used in all walks of life, but we need to pay attention to the selection of packaging barrels. Let us introduce the selection of packaging barrels skill.

1. smell of packing barrel. In general engineering plastics, life plastics have no irritating odor, such as PP, PE, PC, PS, etc. If there is an unpleasant smell in the bucket with the lid open, and it is very irritating, then do not buy it. This is most likely made of secondary materials and recycled materials.

2. Packaging barrel color selection. Requires bright colors without color difference. Choose a transparent color, followed by a single gorgeous color. Do not choose black, because black is easy to add secondary materials, recycled materials, but it is difficult to distinguish.

3. Price selection of packing barrel. The relative cost of plastic barrels made from general raw materials is relatively high, so the price will also be in the middle and upper levels. If the price is extremely low, then it is not necessary to think that the production is poor, because the manufacturer cannot do it at cost.

4. Appearance of packing barrel. Touch the edges with your hands, there is no obvious front, there are chamfers at each corner, not scratching. Examine the rubber surface without impurities and black spots. The appearance of the bucket is transparent and smooth with good finish. In order to avoid inspection, many plastic barrels are inlaid with a thin layer of good material. Typical gold jade is out of order. Pay attention to whether there is any possibility of water leakage.https://www.fhpails.com/