What are the test methods for the performance indicators of plastic barrels?

- Sep 23, 2020-

1. High temperature resistance test: plastic buckets will be put into a room for 3 days. The temperature of the room is maintained at 90-95 degrees Celsius. After cooling, the surface of the plastic bucket should not be damaged, blistered or deformed.The moisture absorption of the raw materials used is less than 0.01 to ensure that the box structure will not become brittle or deformed.

2. Lifting and dumping test: placed in the calibration environment for more than 12 hours, plus 120 kg of load, continuous lifting, dumping, and lowering actions more than 2000 times, no cracks. And the empty and load-bearing plastic buckets are tested for staticity on the inclined surface with an inclination angle of 100, and the plastic buckets do not fall.