What are the test methods for the performance indicators of plastic drums

- Nov 25, 2019-

Users who know about the production technology of plastic barrels may know that the production of their products contains a variety of performance indicators. When it is put into normal use, it usually needs to be tested. What are the performance indicators of the plastic barrel? What about the test method?

1. High temperature test: The plastic bucket will be placed in a room for 3 days. The temperature of the room is kept at 90-95 degrees Celsius. After cooling, the surface of the plastic bucket should not be damaged, blistered or deformed. Use raw material moisture absorption below 0.01 to ensure that the box structure does not become brittle or deformed.

2, lifting dumping test: placed in the calibration environment for more than 12h, plus 120 kg load, continuous lifting, dumping, laying down the action more than 2000 times, no cracks. And the static and load-bearing plastic buckets were tested for staticity on a tilting surface with a tilt angle of 100, and the plastic bucket was not dumped.https://www.fhpails.com/