What are the requirements for the customization of the drum steel drum and whether the crimping technology is important

- Jul 05, 2019-

1. What should be paid attention to when ordering steel drums for product customization?

Wheeled steel drum, which can be customized according to different requirements of the purchaser or some special use requirements to meet the different needs of different users. Moreover, there are some aspects that need attention when carrying out this work. The more important point is that the price of the product needs to be reconsidered and determined, because this is a non-standard customized product. In addition, it is also necessary to distinguish it well from standard products by product price. 

2. How do manufacturers with wheeled steel drums guarantee product quality? Do you need some certification?

Manufacturers of wheeled steel drums, if they want to ensure the quality of the products, need to do the following two points: First, use materials of good quality and performance to process and manufacture, and adopt appropriate processes and equipment. Second, before leaving the factory. For quality inspection, products with unqualified quality cannot be sold at the factory, and the above two points can be achieved. 

Manufacturers of wheeled steel drums need to carry out some certifications, because this can enhance the competitiveness of manufacturers and their products in the market, and in turn, to improve economic efficiency. In the specific aspects of certification, it is mainly the quality management system and product quality. Also, it is necessary to take this work seriously. 

3. Is there a steel plate in the material used for the drum steel drum? Is its crimping technology important?

Among the materials used in the drum steel drum, there is a steel sheet material, and this is also a common and commonly used material. Since the steel sheets have different thicknesses, such as thin plates, medium plates, thick plates and extra-thick plates, The product environment and use requirements are used to select the steel plate of the appropriate thickness, which can ensure the good performance of the steel drum. The hemming technology of the wheeled steel drum is an important technology from a professional point of view, because it is related to whether the steel drum can be used normally, and cannot be despised and sloppy.