What are the reasons for the iron bucket to fade?

- Jul 24, 2020-

The iron drum is just a packaging tool. The iron drum has the characteristics of not brittleness and light weight. It can be used for hot filling. The general temperature should not exceed 60°C. After the hot filling, until the contents are completely cooled down to room temperature, close the lid and Stacking. The iron barrel has the characteristics of durability, not afraid of flushing, fire, fire, environment, damage or deformation, it is very suitable for holding liquids, and it is often used for petroleum transportation. Although there are many iron barrels, they are used after a period of time. , It is very easy to fade, what is the reason for the fading of the iron drum, the following Qingda packaging will introduce to you:

1. The ester solvents in the varnish react with water and turn black after iron products

2. Turpentine can easily form reddish brown pigment in the iron bucket.

3. Gold and silver powders and varnishes are prone to acid corrosion, which makes the paint color green, dark, and tarnished.

4. If the storage time is too long, precipitation and discoloration are easy to occur.https://www.fhpails.com/