What are the reasons for the deformation of chemical plastic barrels?

- Jun 24, 2020-

1. The quality of the chemical plastic barrel itself is not good. 2. In the application process of the chemical plastic barrel, careless or wrong operation method appears.

The problem of deformation due to the quality problem of chemical plastic drum products is still very small. Today's chemical plastic drum manufacturers should do a careful inspection before opening to the outside world. Therefore, for the deformation problem of chemical plastic drums, a large number of It still depends on the object being stored, and the location and angle of storage after the object is placed.

When using chemical plastic buckets to hold bulk cabinets, sometimes the buckets will be easily deformed. There is an interesting name for the deformation of chemical plastic barrels. It is because the chemical plastic barrels have good airtightness. Therefore, when the chemical plastic barrels are filled with liquid goods, after the lid is tightly screwed, because the sealing effect is not good, so when After the internal liquid cools, the pressure inside the barrel decreases, and the external pressure is too large, resulting in a pressure difference between the inside and outside of the barrel, which causes deformation of the chemical plastic barrel. I think it is a basic conceptual error. In the formulation of chemical plastic barrels, it is necessary to clarify the pressure that the chemical plastic barrels can bear according to the risk level of the liquid to be contained, and there will be no deformation due to the pressure.

In order to improve the application efficiency of chemical plastic barrels, avoiding deformation of chemical plastic barrels has become a task that cannot be ignored. Before the application of chemical plastic barrels, a certain grasp of the bearing capacity of such chemical plastic barrels is an important link to ensure that the chemical plastic barrels are not deformed in the later period.