What are the reasons for inferior products in plastic barrel processing?

- Jun 19, 2020-

1. Raw materials for injection processing. The material has impurities or delivery from different suppliers, different batches of goods from the same manufacturer, etc., the processing technology of materials with different batches is different.

2. Injection molding machine. Check whether the function of each position of the injection molding machine is normal, and consider the influence of temperature, pressure, time and other reasons, and control and adjust the injection molding machine.

3. Mold. The mold equipment should be appropriate, the temperature should be appropriate, and the injection products should run smoothly in the mold.

4. Production and processing process. To ensure that the pressure, temperature and time are consistent with the processing standards presented by the material supplier, constantly check the injection molding processing rate and technical accuracy.

5. Injection molding processing time, temperature, pressure and back force can often affect the quality of plastic barrel processing.