What are the precautions for the use of plastic drum manufacturers

- Jun 27, 2019-

First, pay attention to stacking with pallets

Usually, after packaging the goods in plastic drums, double-sided flat pallets should be used, and the plastic barrel manufacturers reminded to ensure that the tray size is within the limited range, and one layer is stacked on each tray, and the number of stacked plastic barrels is determined by The size of the tray depends. In order to ensure that the other party is stable enough, the plastic barrel manufacturer requires that the edge not exceed the edge of the tray, and the plastic buckets on the tray should be stacked symmetrically and the center of gravity of the entire tray and the upper plastic bucket should be at the center of the tray.

Second, pay attention to storage conditions

It should be noted that the use and storage of plastic drums also have a shelf life, usually two years. Plastic drum manufacturers remind that if this time is exceeded, they can no longer be used to avoid quality problems. Moreover, the reliable plastic barrel manufacturers also emphasize that the conditions of normal storage should meet the requirements. For example, the temperature of the environment must be within the corresponding range, and it is not allowed to be exposed to the sun under normal conditions to avoid aging.

Third, pay attention to packing according to requirements

For plastic drums that have been palletized, in order to ensure more stability during storage or transportation, plastic drum manufacturers reminded that they need to use the wrapping film again for packing and fixing, but at this time, be careful not to use too much force, otherwise there will be It may deform the plastic bucket and must control the deformation within 5%. Moreover, the plastic barrel manufacturers also introduced that the other party's time must pay attention to the flatness of the upper and lower, and at the same time can not maintain the level of the state.

The above are the aspects covered by the precautions for the use of plastic drum manufacturers. In addition, when using plastics to fill liquids or chemicals, appropriate protective measures should be taken. For example, if the temperature is high or the chemicals are used and the weight is very high, then the metal reinforcement sleeve should be used to limit the expansion deformation or cracking.