What are the performances of chemical barrels

- Oct 03, 2019-

After several studies, it is found that chemical barrels need to have the following properties in order to gain a foothold in the market: plastic barrels must have integral polyethylene (PE) once formed without seams, impact resistance, anti-aging, light weight, no leakage It has the advantages of acid and alkali resistance, long service life and compliance with sanitary standards. The performance is better than traditional FRP containers, plastic welding containers, steel-lined rubber and other containers. Due to the special properties of the products, the chemical barrels should have good heat resistance and cold resistance. The hardness, tensile strength, electrical insulation properties and toughness are very good, and they need to have good chemical stability. It is almost insoluble in any organic solvent at room temperature, resistant to corrosion by acid, alkali and salt solutions. It also has excellent resistance to environmental stress cracking and thermal stress cracking, high surface hardness and good dimensional stability.https://www.fhpails.com/