What are the factors that affect the performance of the galvanized iron drum

- Nov 06, 2019-

1. Processing temperature: The processing temperature of the bottle-shaped blow molding product is mainly related to the characteristics of the plastic raw materials and equipment used. Under normal circumstances, small and medium-sized barrel blow molding products generally use HDPE or HDPE and LDPE blends. The processing temperature is between 130 and 180 °C. The processing temperature of a few materials may be higher than 180. °C. The temperature setting is set from the low to the high of the extruder feed port in order to facilitate the normal processing.

2. Extruder screw speed: The extruder system of the medium-sized hollow molding machine has a smaller screw diameter, and the screw rotation speed can be relatively higher. The speed can be adjusted according to the characteristics of the iron barrel product and the extruder screw. The screw speed control At 10 to 70r/min.

3. Hydraulic system pressure: In the iron drum, the pressure of the hydraulic system of the small and medium-sized hollow molding machine is adjusted between 8 and 14 MPa, which is mainly adjusted according to the molding characteristics of the blow molding products. Adjusting the pressure of the hydraulic system to work at a lower pressure will help to save energy and extend the life of the blow molding machine.https://www.fhpails.com/