What are the causes of bubbles in chemical plastic drums?

- Jul 04, 2020-

1. To increase the energy of plastic barrel injection in the chemical industry, the water pressure, rate, time and material volume of the blow molding must be gradually increased. At the same time, the back pressure should also be increased to make the plastic barrel filling mold of the chemical industry more plump.

2. To raise the temperature of plastic barrels in the chemical industry to make them flow smoothly. Reducing the temperature of plastic barrels in the chemical industry can reduce the shrinkage rate and moderately increase the temperature of the injection mold, especially at the part of the mold where the vacuum bubble is likely to rise, which can reduce the probability of bubbles.

3. If the chemical industry plastics in the chemical industry plastic barrel mold flow unevenly, causing the gas to be trapped inside, you can use the vacuum relief valve on the mold to deal with this problem.

4. When the chemical industry plastic barrels enter the warm environment, their moisture will condense on the cold chemical industry plastic barrels. The use of drying chemical industry plastic barrels can remedy this situation.