What are the advantages and disadvantages of plastic barrels

- Jun 20, 2019-

However, the plastic drum has the key problem of permeability. It is difficult to clean after use. When recycling the reuse drum, the food is not allowed to be repackaged. The plastic barrel is prone to stress cracking, which is strict with materials and processing. The static charge can be diffused into the cargo, so it cannot be filled with flammable liquid cargo; the compatibility mechanism between the plastic drum and the cargo is complicated, especially the impact on the food may be potentially harmful and difficult to find.

Plastic barrels have created a world in the plastics market with its own advantages, and our market demand is very large, which is very popular among you. So what are its specific advantages?

1. Long service life, under normal filling, transportation and handling conditions, the shelf life is 1.5 years.

2, can be used for hot filling, the general temperature should not exceed 60 °C. After hot filling, the lid and stacking should be closed after the contents have been sufficiently cooled and lowered to room temperature.

3, plastic bucket beautiful inside and outside smooth, no welding seamless, light weight, good strength, impact resistance, corrosion resistance, non-toxic and tasteless, easy to transport.

4. If the chemical is easy to disperse, it can be equipped with a cover with venting function to avoid the danger of overpressure during transportation, and at the same time ensure the sealing performance of the liquid.

Many people think that plastic buckets are difficult to recycle. In fact, this view is very unscientific. Consumers can use it twice during the use process. How should consumers fully use plastic buckets? Let's take a closer look.

Paint plastic buckets are generally well-made and costly. Many consumers do not discard them directly after using the plastic buckets, but clean them before use. In terms of use, on the one hand, because the plastic buckets of paints are often carried with hands and are convenient to carry, many farmers' friends will put clothes and other items in the paint plastic bucket, and then use plastic buckets instead of boxes to use them on the way out. On the other hand, some people also use plastic buckets to pickle pickles, pickles, etc. For this type of use, we recommend that the plastic buckets be completely cleaned, and it is not recommended to use them because of the long-term storage of food in paint plastics. In the barrel, the safety is worrying.

There is also a very high-use type of edible oil plastic drums, which are often used for brewing or filling liquid foods such as drinking water. In fact, repeated use will also touch on food safety issues and require attention. For the secondary use of plastic drums, we think it is very worthy of recommendation, but it still needs to be taken seriously and scientifically.www.fhpails.com