Ways to prevent damage to plastic barrels

- May 26, 2020-

When handling or moving plastic drums, be sure to handle them gently, and do not drop them. When storing plastic barrels, we must pay attention to the environment of the warehouse, and at the same time prevent the plastic barrel from tilting and collapsing. When using plastic buckets at ordinary times, you should avoid sharp objects touching the bucket body, otherwise it is easy to break the bucket lid, causing it to deform and break. If it is necessary to fill, do not drag the barrel directly on the ground to avoid the bottom wear and bruise. The correct method is to lift the two hands or use the forklift wooden pallet to ship.

The plastic bucket is light and easy to use, and it is very popular with everyone. People who use it frequently will find that plastic buckets are not fragile.

1. Plastic barrels are high molecular organic compounds.

2. It can exist in many types, such as liquid, solid, colloid, solution, etc.

3. Wide range of uses, different processing methods can be used, and products are diversified.

4. There are many types, because different monomers make different plastic barrels.

5. Plastic barrels have different properties and can be shaped.

The soft plastic barrel has beautiful appearance, light weight, good strength, impact resistance, corrosion resistance, foldable, non-toxic and tasteless, and convenient transportation. The product is suitable for the packaging of various salted and halogenated liquid foods, condiments, medical and health products, alcohol and fine chemical products.

Product features: It has acid resistance, alkali resistance, high temperature resistance, non-toxic, sterile, odorless, and has excellent scalability and impact resistance.

Product advantages: folding, stacking, storage and transportation, stacking, canning, the whole process greatly saves space and saves materials. Light weight, cold resistance, corrosion resistance, reduce pollution, super clean, meet the requirements of medical testing.

The deformation of industrial plastic barrels will directly affect the service life, so in order to prolong the use of plastic barrels, we must find out how to prevent the deformation of plastic barrels; there are two possibilities for plastic barrel deformation: 1. The quality of the plastic barrel itself is not 2 .Not paying attention during the use of plastic drums.

Due to the quality of plastic drums, the problem of deformation is still relatively small. Now the manufacturers of plastic drums should carefully check them before supplying them to the outside world. Therefore, the deformation of plastic drums is more about the items they contain. , And the position and angle of the stored items.

When we use plastic drums to hold bulk goods, sometimes the drums are more easily deformed. There is a very interesting saying about the deformation of industrial plastic barrels, because the industrial plastic barrels have good sealing, so when the plastic barrels are filled with liquid goods, after tightly screwing the lid, because the airtightness is tight, when the internal liquid is cooled The pressure inside the barrel becomes smaller, and the pressure outside increases the pressure difference between the inside and outside of the barrel, causing the plastic barrel to deform. This is actually a conceptual error. In the formulation of plastic barrels, the pressure that the plastic barrel can withstand is determined according to the degree of danger of the liquid to be contained, and it will not be deformed by the pressure.