Waterproof principle of waterproof paint bucket

- Apr 29, 2020-

The film-type water-proof paint of the water-proof paint bucket is waterproof by forming a complete paint film to block the penetration of water or the penetration of water molecules. Many polymer materials can form a complete and continuous coating film after drying. There are always some gaps between the molecules of the coating film of the solid polymer, and the width is about a few nanometers. Therefore, it can pass through completely, but the water in nature is usually in an associated state, and dozens of water molecules form a large molecular group due to the effect of hydrogen and hydrogen, so it is actually difficult to pass through the gap of the polymer Yes, this is the waterproof coating film has waterproof.


The film forming process of the emulsion-type waterproof paint bucket is completed by the fusion of the emulsion particles. After the film formation, the gap between the molecules is larger, and the coating film is relatively loose. The solvent-based waterproof coating relies on the accumulation of polymer molecules in the solvent volatilization process to form a film, the molecules are relatively tight, and there are few voids, so for the same polymer, the waterproof performance of the solvent-based coating is often It is better than emulsion coatings, but the application of solvent-based waterproofing materials can cause harm to the human body and the environment during production, construction and application, so its application is limited.