Waste paint barrel recycling

- May 19, 2019-

The paint bucket is also the paint bucket. The bucket is used for painting. In the decoration, after the painter runs out of paint, the bucket is left. In the past, this kind of paint bucket may be recycled by the manufacturer and can be used continuously. However, if it is reused, it will cause more harm to our life. The paint bucket may also be discarded by users and become construction waste. Paint buckets that become garbage can cause a certain burden on our surroundings. How do we deal with these used paint buckets is our most advantageous business opportunity.

After the waste paint barrel recycling station is purchased, it is separated by the treatment of the paint barrel crusher, which can be recycled and reused. The paint bucket crusher uses the basic principle of the motor to drive the wind wheel extrusion. Under the drive of the high speed and large torque motor, the crushed material A sufficient and effective fine crushing can be obtained in the crushing chamber to tear the object to be crushed into a crushed product of a specification. The crushed material passes through the air cyclone sorting system, separating the paint bucket from the non-paint bucket, and the entire system is equipped with a dust removal device to minimize the dust pollution hazard generated during the production process. The equipment mainly has the advantages of high output, low energy consumption, high efficiency, uniform discharge and fineness. Moreover, when the device is used, the noise is low, pollution-free, and the operation is simple and the maintenance is convenient.www.fhpails.com