Understand the closed iron bucket and the open iron bucket

- Apr 28, 2020-

The closed iron drum is mainly used to hold liquids, and its products mainly include chemicals, petrochemicals, and paints.

Open iron drums are mainly used for filling paints, high-viscosity liquids, powders, and solids. The lid can be fully opened, and it is easy to use and operate. There are two types of bolt type and wrench type barrel hoop. The bolt type has high strength and good sealing. The wrench type is easy to operate.

Although the role of iron drums is undeniable, when buying iron drums, you still need to carefully check whether the quality of the iron drums is qualified. In order to ensure that the purchased iron drum is qualified, it is mainly to see whether the inner wall of the iron drum is smooth, bright or not, and whether there are defects. If you want to customize and purchase iron drums, but do not know how to identify the quality of the iron drums, you can directly contact the iron drum factory. The iron drums produced and supplied by our factory are of reliable quality, reasonable price, and various specifications. Meet your needs for iron buckets.