Types and differences of oil drums

- Sep 20, 2019-

Now when we select the oil drums in the market, we can understand that the engine oil is divided into mineral oil and synthetic oil. The biggest difference between the two oils is the difference in base oil. The base oil of mineral oil is extracted from crude oil, while the base oil of synthetic oil is chemically synthesized. Compared with mineral oil, synthetic oil has higher resistance to high temperature oxidation, viscosity change and abrasion resistance.

Oil type

The viscosity change of the synthetic oil is little affected by the temperature, so it can flow smoothly in a low temperature environment, maintain a proper viscosity in a high temperature environment, and reduce engine wear. In addition, the synthetic oil is highly purified. Under the continuous high temperature operation of the engine, it is not easy to be oxidized and decomposed to produce sludge and carbon deposit. The degradation rate is 50% slower than mineral oil, and the aging time is longer. Generally, the vehicle using mineral oil runs 5,000 kilometers. Oil must be changed, and synthetic oil can be extended to 8,000-10,000 kilometers.

Therefore, even if the price of synthetic oil is more expensive than mineral oil, it is still favored by more and more car lovers.

Viscosity standards and quality levels

The viscosity and grade of the oil are the determining factors for the proper use of the oil. Internationally, the viscosity and quality level of oil are determined by SAE's oil viscosity classification method and API quality grade standard.


The oil is divided into single viscosity oil (such as SAE30) and multi-viscosity oil (such as SAE5W-30). Most vehicles now use multi-viscosity oil because it contains a variety of special additives to make the oil easy to flow oil in low temperature environment. Barrel, non-condensing, maintains consistency and does not decompose under high temperature environment.

W in the oil label indicates Winter, and the number before W indicates the low-temperature fluidity of the oil. The smaller the number, the better the fluidity of the oil. Engine wear is mainly concentrated in the cold start moment, good oil flow, can minimize engine wear. The number after W indicates the high temperature viscosity of the oil. The higher the number, the better the protection at high temperatures.

In addition, the choice of oil viscosity must also consider the new and old degree of the car, the engine parts of the new car have a small gap, so the oil with less viscosity should be selected, and the engine with severe engine wear should choose the oil with higher viscosity.

Oil barrels are an important tool in the plastic packaging industry

Oil barrels are an important tool in the plastic packaging industry. Oil barrels are the products and sales of oil companies to improve efficiency, and the quality of products and the improvement of human resources have been greatly assisted. Today, oil products have entered the homes of ordinary people and are closely related to people's lives. This represents the convenience, timeliness and demand of oil barrels.

With the continuous progress of the socialization process, people began to gradually increase the demand for external plastic packaging of goods, which also made our plastic packaging barrel products continue to improve and improve, and began to change strategies with the response of energy saving, green environmental protection and emission reduction. The oil drum not only provides advanced technical equipment, but also guarantees the high quality, high efficiency, multi-variety, low cost and high environmental protection of the oil products, thus gaining strong vitality and bringing huge social and economic benefits. Without a simple lubricant barrel, there is no growth in the lubricant industry.https://www.fhpails.com/