Two reasons why plastic barrel manufacturers can promote products in the coating industry

- Jul 13, 2019-

1. Adaptation of plastic barrel filling production line

Steel drums have been used as the main packaging container for hundreds of years. However, plastic drum manufacturers believe that it is difficult to promote the entire coating industry to use a new type of packaging container without significant cost reduction. If new packaging containers are used, the logistics channel of the coatings industry needs to be refurbished, and for the coatings industry, logistics channels are a major factor affecting efficiency. Another problem with full plastic buckets is the stacking height. The strength of the plastic barrel manufacturer can be compared to the cylindrical steel drum. Industry experts point out that when the storage temperature rises, the plastic drum manufacturer's products have begun to overcome this problem. Plastic drum manufacturers manufacturers specials direct sales of all plastic containers of the other difference is that they have got rid of the traditional cylindrical design, using a square design. This poses a huge challenge to paint manufacturers who are trying to introduce full plastic containers into their existing production systems.

2. The degree of user acceptance of plastic drums

For most users, it is still difficult to recognize plastic drums after long-term use of steel drums. Plastic barrel manufacturers believe that the cost of switching to full plastic containers is lower than the benefits of adopting innovative designs. The larger selling point of plastic barrel manufacturers is the creative structure and shape. Coating companies using packaging containers with creative structures and shapes will receive unexpected results and are likely to cause a huge positive response from users. Plastic drum manufacturers' products have good sealing properties, which is a key advantage of many industrial experts recognized plastic containers.

All in all, the plastic barrel manufacturers have some specialities according to the situation of the Chinese coating industry. The plastic barrels developed are products that meet the development needs of Chinese coatings companies. Many small and medium-sized enterprises, the degree of automation in the subsequent process is not high, which provides the possibility for enterprises to switch to the plastic packaging of plastic barrel manufacturers, so it is foreseeable that the plastic packaging of Chinese coatings will be first applied in small and medium-sized coatings enterprises. And gradually expand the proportion of its application.